Technical Authoring

Our Technical Authoring Services are used by technical development departments, research & development, manufacturers, translation companies, marketing or anyone who is looking for assistance in getting technical or instructional material into print-ready format. Our clients are typically looking to outsource technical authoring work or where specialist typesetting knowledge of a particular software package is required – particularly for localisation or conformance knowledge of documentation for ATEX.


We have many years experience in publishing technical manuals, user guides, installation and operating manuals and training handbooks. Optima are able to combine solid technical knowledge with the aesthetics of good design and usability. We work closely with engineers and marketing to ensure the publication meets the needs of the user as well as the branding needs of the customer.

Level of service

We take a pro-active approach to the services we provide and aim to offer a fast, accurate and reliable service. Our processes in updating or creating new documentation entails gathering the right information from engineers, end users, customer services and marketing.

Our experience is in manufacturing, IT and research. We also work with ATEX requirements for documentation.

Our services include:

For a no obligation discussion on your technical authoring requirements please contact us on 0208 886 3921 or please send us an email.