Book Design

Our Book Design Services provide a range of services from design and artworking, providing templates or a Publishing Toolbox, or providing guidance and consultancy on the book publishing process. Our services are used by publishers, corporate publishing, design agencies, or individuals looking for assistance in creating a book.

Level of service

We take a pro-active approach to the services we provide and aim to offer a fast, accurate and reliable service.

Our services include:


We have been working with publishers and editors for over ten years and understand the publishing and print cycle from initial concept and design, through copy editing and proofing, to preparing files for print – both electronically and for commercial print. We work a good deal with Adobe Acrobat, and use this program for proofing and editing, but equally we can use hand-marked script and are fully conversant with copy and proofreaders marks.

Guidance and consultancy

We can offer guidance through the publishing process, how to make efficient use of authors time and typesetters time, how to work with editors and proofreaders, preparing for print.

Our consultancy can help you with:

Publishing Toolbox

The Publishing Toolbox is a combination of templates, process guides, style guides and training if required.

Our Publishing Toolbox can be customised to include the elements needed for a particular publishing task. Some examples are:

Non-traditional publishers and Individuals

For non-traditional publishers, corporate publishing and individuals we can provide guidance in the publishing process.

For a no obligation discussion on your book design requirements please contact us on 0208 886 3921 or please send us an email.