Database/XML Publishing Services

Database publishing overviewIf you are new to publishing content held on database systems or need a bit more information, click on our FAQ guide below.


We have many years experience in publishing data held on databases, spreadsheets or XML. Whether you are looking at creating directories, price lists or books, or need advice and planning assistance, we can help.

Our levels of service include:

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What is database publishing
Database publishing is the process of managing, creating and publishing content held on database systems. Example database content can me made up of company details such as name, address, services or product details. The process of database publishing is to take that content - or selected parts of the content - and populate empty templates created in page layout programmes. The process allows for quick generation of final output with only limited need for further manual adjustments to page layout.

Why use database publishing?
This process of using a database to control content reduces costs and production times. It also allows the flexibility to update information more often and provide better quality and consistency of data.

What can I publish?
Anything that is held in a database system! Typical examples include directories, catalogues, price lists, all types of list data. More recently we have published reference books. The content is held on a Mysql database where it is managed editorially via a web interface, and the data is then exported as XML. Page layout is then performed in Quarkxpress or Indesign using inbuilt or third party tools.

Multiple templates can be created for any one publishing project, the content for an individual section is generated separately from one database.

What software do you use?
We provide database publishing services using Quarkxpress, Indesign, Framemaker and Corel Ventura. Content is provided from databases such as Access or Mysql, but we can also work with spreadsheets and XML. We use either inbuilt tools, third party products or hand-scripted text.

I have an idea of a book I want to publish but don't know where to start?
We can provide a complete service from initial concept, gathering data, database design, through to creating templates and page layout.

For a no obligation discussion on your datbase publishing requirements please contact us on 0208 886 3921 or please send us an email.