Template Design

First what is the definition of a template?

A template is a kind of stencil for holding the layout, graphics and text elements on a page. The template can then be used to create additional pages which maintain a consistent style and formatting. Using templates maintains branding guidelines and speeds up page layout. Within a project several templates may be used and combined with Style Guide and Process Guide will save on production costs and time. Templates can be as rigid or as flexible as needed.

What templates

We can build templates for the following:

Our template design service

We can custom design templates for specific desktop publishing software or as part of creating Branding Guidelines. We also specialise in offering a Publishing Toolbox which is a combination of templates, Process guides, Style guides and training if required. And lastly we can build Website templates using Dreamweaver and CSS.

Our templates are typically made up of the following components:

Our Specialist templates will include all of the above plus:

Our Publishing Toolbox includes all of the above plus:

We can build Website templates for Dreamweaver or using Cascading style sheets (CSS) from Photoshop, Indesign, QuarkXpress, Word or even a sketch.

For a no obligation discussion on your template design requirements please contact us on 0208 886 3921 or please send us an email.