Publishing Support Services

More economical than temp staff … and we don’t just mean the pounds.

In the past year alone, Optima Information Design saved one PLC publishing company more than £4,000 in temp agency charges. That equates to over £40,000 for the past ten years – the length of time we’ve been doing the job – even though our hourly rate is at least 50% more then a temp agency hourly rate. The amount saved from not going to a big design agency is considerably more. And the amount saved in time and resources?

So how did we do this?

In short, by providing a service of the highest quality and expertise. You pay for the time we spend on a job and not a penny more then you have to. Our superior software knowledge and over fifteen years experience means we can produce work accurately, ready for print and online delivery. Our understanding of traditional and electronic production methods, good project management skills and flexible working practices, means we get the job done and delivered on time.

Looking to self-publish or manage publishing in-house?

Optima can provide a range of self-help solutions and packages for small business. Our solutions combine consultancy, creating templates combined with appropriate training and support. You may also be interested in our solutions for Small Business Start-ups.

These services are used by publishers, publishing houses and consultants, corporate publishing or anyone who is looking for assistance in getting material into print-ready format. Our clients are typically looking to outsource work where specialist knowledge of a particular software package or publishing process is required.

We have been working with publishers and editors for over ten years and understand the publishing and print cycle from initial concept and design, through copy editing and proofing, to preparing files for print – both electronically and for commercial print. We work a good deal with Adobe Acrobat, and use this program for proofing and editing, but equally we can use hand-marked script and are fully conversant with copy and proofreaders marks.

Level of service

We take a pro-active approach to the services we provide and aim to offer a fast, accurate and reliable service.

Our services include:

:: Typesetting and dtp

We provide typesetting and Dtp services for the following programmes: Quarkxpress, Indesign, Corel Ventura, MS Publisher and MS Word on MAC and PC platform.

:: Graphic design and template design

We can provide a graphic design service for designing books, book jackets, magazines and illustrations. Templates can be built for Quarkxpress, Indesign, Framemaker, Corel Ventura, MS Publisher and MS Word. Learn more about template design here.

:: Database/XML publishing, design and typesetting

We provide database/XML publishing services using Quarkxpress, Indesign, Framemaker and Corel Ventura. Content can be provided from databases such as Access or Mysql, but we can also work with spreadsheets and XML.

Database publishing is ideal for creating long volumes of complex data such as reference books, trade directories and catalogues.It provides fast means of getting content into print ready format with little additional manual formatting required thus reducing print costs and production time. Learn more about database/XML publishing here.

For a no obligation discussion on your publishing requirements please contact us on 0208 886 3921 or please send us an email.